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How to use BISM Normalizer to manage teams tabular model project deployments


You are in a team of 2 or more BI developers and working on same SSAS tabular cube project. You have a source code control set up in your environment. All developers work on same Tabular project. You have enforced in your environment that developers always need to checked in their codes at the end of work day and check out at the start of each day. However, each time one of your developers deploy to the Tabular target server, works of other developers are overwritten. What do to avoid this?


1. Add BISM Normaliser extension to manage your Analysis Services Tabular Model Project as shown below.

2. Connect to Tabular Project on your organisation’s source control.

The create a branch from the main/master project

3. Open tabular project from the named branch. Use this branch for your development work. Once your modelling work is completed and ready to deploy, click on Tools and select New Tabular Model Comparison.

4.Then click on Compare... Enter/select the target Server name as well as the Database.

5.Then click on Ok for BISM normaliser to compare changes between your project (Source) and Target (Database) as illustrated below:

6.Here you have the option to select only the changes your have made in your branch to be deployed to the target database.

7.Click on Validate selection to check if there are errors or warnings that needs to be checked before deployment.

Once validation is complete and no errors or warnings, click on Update to commit your changes. Once successful you'll see the message below and only your changes deployed to the server.

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