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Kusto Analytics Ltd is a business intelligence consulting firm specialised in building data analytics solutions. We help businesses irrespective of size to unlock actionable insight from available data.


We work with businesses to understand where they are in their data journey to identify rapidly the value beneath their data, increase growth and remain competitive.


Work with you to evaluate and fully understand your data requirements and needs.

Plan &



Develop appropriate data architecture options and advise on what would best suite your needs.


Build &

Build and test developed " single source of truth" data model that suit your analytics needs.



Deploy completed data model and analytics from test to production environment.

Provide bespoke training programme on data analytics best practices and use of Power BI and Azure Synapse as an analytics platform.



Provide on-going support and maintenance as required.


Monitor &

Our expertise is in using the latest BI technologies and framework such as full Microsoft BI Stack, Power BI , Azure Synapse Analytics,  Microsoft Purview for data governance as well as other advanced on-premise and cloud data management platforms.


We pride ourselves in delivering quality projects on-time and on budget for the National Health Services (NHS), local Governments and agencies as well as Schools and Colleges.

We will work with you to understand your current data requirements and needs as well as help determine how best to shape and harness your data to unlock meaningful insights.

Once we have a picture of your needs , we will provide you with data architecture/framework options and advise on what would best suite your needs.

Data Modeling.png

We will help to develop and integrate your organisation's historical and current data available in disparate data sources in one place to

help facilitate 'single version of truth' for making effective decisions and predictive analytics.

Depending on your data journey, we build both Tabular and multi-dimensional model using Analysis services either on premise or Azure. We also use power bi premium as the basis for your data model.

We use Power BI to build your analytics needs. With our expertise in various analytic techniques,

we will help you to identify answers to the following from your data:


What is happening in my business?  [Descriptive Analytics]

Why is it happening?  [Diagnostic Analytics]

What is likely to happen in the future based on previous trends and patterns?  [Machine learning & Predictive Analytics]

What should i do?   [Prescriptive Analytics-Decision support / Decision Automation]


Do you require one -on-one coaching as well as groups Power BI and data analytics training needs in your organisation? We will be happy to provide you with bespoke tailored on-going support and training.

Interested In Training?

Leave us your email and we'll reach out to explain our training and support services.

Thanks for your interest!


"I had the great pleasure of working with and alongside Oke (of Kusto Analytics) at MFT. We worked together on a project to deliver a Power BI reporting solution for the Trust. Oke's dedication and approach to his ever changing priorities and tasks were second to none, his knowledge, not only of Microsoft BI products and tools, but also of the NHS and patient pathways is deep and detailed. I found Oke to be organised and structured in his methodologies and he ensured documentation was always available. He certainly would be an asset to any organisation."

Adrian Marsden

Director & Founder - AP Marsden Consultancy, UK

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