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Azure Analysis Services: How to migrate on-premise Tabular cube to Azure

Updated: May 21, 2020

Problem: Your in-house infrastructure is not able to cope with demand of processing over 4 Terabytes data. It takes hours even days for your on-premise cube to be processed. This is having a fundamental negative impact on analytics team where delivery of important dashboard and reports to senior management team and exec is taking longer than expected.


You decided to scale up your Data analytics and Business Intelligence infrastructure. In doing so you plan to migrate your on-premise Tabular cube to Azure. To do this you will need to do the following:

1. Create Azure Analysis services server

2. Login to and click on Create resources and then search for analysis services

3. Follow through the process of creating your Azure analysis services

4. If you’re using on premise data source for Azure Tabular cube, ensure your on-premise data gateway is installed and configured.

5. Go to your Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server Data Tools. Open your tabular project. Ensure Tabular model compatibility level is properly set (always set to the latest on your IDE that is compatible to your deployment server)

6. Right click on the model project and then select properties. In the Deployment server section change your on-premise deployment server to Azure analysis service and below:

7. Right click on the project in Solution explorer and select deploy.

8. Once successful, check on your SQL management studio

Tabular cube on-premise has been successfully migrated to Azure cloud server!

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