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How to add Q&A Natural Language feature on your Power BI Data Model

Updated: May 21, 2020


One of your target audience consuming your power bi reports want to query your data model by asking questions in the form of natural language. In the past you are only able to do this by building QA on dashboards created on Power BI Server. But now you’ll want to produce scalable reports with QA right from within Power BI Desktop.


1. Ensure your facts and dimensions tables in your data model are well structured and named properly to help your audience easily interact with your data e.g Dim_Products must be ‘Products’ and Fact_internetsales must be ‘Internet Sales’

2. Ensure Q&A for live connected Analysis Services databases option is select in the preview features. To do so, Go to File->Options and settings->Options -> Global Options select Preview feature, then select Q&A for live connected Analysis Services databases

3. Connect to SSAS live connection

4. You can insert Q&A visualization on Power BI Desktop in two ways:

a. Open a new report page, click on Insert and choose Q&A visual

b. Go to Visualizations section and then select Q&A visual

Q&A visual automatically connects to your model to return all related facts and dimensions.

Modify and arrange visual as needed on your reporting canvas. Once completed and tested, you can then publish to your power bi service..You can then ask questions like what is the value of total internet sales? how many products are available? e.t.c

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